Summer Food.

I love food.
This isn't a confession, it's a statement- and I think most people will agree with me
at least my friend group ha.
Anyways, summer brings about whole new cravings 
It's the weather, the sun, maybe too much sunscreen but I have seasonal cravings
SCD (seasonal cravings disorder)
Could this be real?
Possibly...see what I mean:

Most fruits are somehow even more delicious in the summertime 
Qdoba's Mango Salad is so yummy and I feel at least sort of healthy?
During the summer, Graeter's has Banana Chocolate Chip ice-cream- my favorite
Chicken Salad (Kroger has the best)
And of course- Trifle.
My friends and I love to make/eat this.
It's super easy and usually filled with blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, homemade whipped cream and angel food cake. 

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