Weekend Snapshots.

My weekend was full of studying.
Finals week is quickly approaching and I am fully preparing myself. 
I have the essentials to survival:

1. Lots of pens, pencils and highlighters. 
2. Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee and diet coke and coffee. Did I mention coffee?
3. Snacks. I may/may not have taken several ziplock baggies to the Caf and filled them with a variety of cereals
4. Friends. I need those right now- seriously. We are all pulling together to help each other.
5. My Bible. I need a breather sometimes and a reminder that finals are not everything.
6. My MacBook- that computer has saved my life time and time again, but I must resist the urge to get on FaceBook and I'm not one of those crazy people who can have others change their passwords from them. No thank you. I like FaceBook .... a lot. 
Here's a snapshot of my weekend... Not entirely exciting at all. And two of the photos happen to be beverages. I guess that covers number 2 on the list.
The new Mocha Coconut Frap at Starbucks
Oh.my.gosh it is so delicious
Hannah and I went to 'study' and participate in the Frap half price happy hour from 3-5 at Starbucks!

My friend Kat literally has a stockpile of these in her fridge. 
Too good.
And this is Kat. She looks pretty pale but I can promise you she's a bronzed goddess.
She would probably kill me if she knew I put this up- but she doesn't read my blog :) 
And I obviously didn't take this last picture but how perfectly preppy is this belt?!
Hint to all boys out there wanting to look like Fratstars. 

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