Alright, here's a confession.
Circa 7th grade, I was an avid MySpace(er)- I loved myself some MySpace
but let's be real- who didn't?!
It was the Facebook of the past and it was awesome.
I was that girl who wanted to be awesome and discover artists that were 'unknown' and show my friends and be like yeah, I found them- that's what's up.
So, one day I was browsing the selections and all of sudden, I stumbled upon Matt Wertz
Little did I know that I had found a gem.
I was instantly in love, with his looks, his lyrics and his amazing voice
From then on, I couldn't stop listening to his music
Flash forward to now. 
My freshman year in college- I went to the Ben Rector/ Matt Wertz concert last night and it was incredible
and they had a Meet and Greet afterwards and you know I was like number four in line.
And I met him. 
Now my life is complete and his signature is on my life size poster in my room.
It just doesn't get any better than that...

My wonderful, yet dark photo of myself, Matt Wertz and Brandon, his drummer.
And here's a video of Ben Rector singing about none other than Chi Omega.

Oh yes, that happened.

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