Sassy Nails.

After reading a review about the Sally Hansen Salon Effects, I had to try them.
So I marched to CVS, scanned my CVS card just to see if I had any coupons and bam.
$3 off a cosmetic purchase of $10 or more
The nail polish strips were exactly $10.
I was ecstatic.
So I carefully picked out a color- there are tons of cute ones... sadly, the cheetah print was sold out
or you know I would've snagged those.
So I opted for a more neutral, shiny polish. 
Called 'Raise a Glass'.
They were a little time consuming to put on, and it was my first time
but to stay on for 10 days is a pretty good deal 
and there's no dry time.
They even feel like nail polish
Now off to study.

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