Longest Day.

Went to bed at 1:30ish due to a good guy friend from college being in town
and bringing one of his friends along as well.
We went out for a night on the town
aka Sweet CeeCee's on Bardstown Road and stayed up chatting about
religion, reading and I can't think of another 'R' word.
Then woke up circa 7:00 am for the first day of my internship. 
It was great and I was done with my project around 3:00 pm.
Then rush home for a quick bite to eat and off to a friend's house for an hour
then I babysat for my sweet children that I've been nannying for and here I am
in my bed...finally.
Here are some pictures from last night/today.
Mason's first Sweet CeeCee's experience
Late night chats
Bah. A Sugar Glider. 
I die.
How adorable is this animal?!

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