Pay it Forward.

What a day it has been.
I love Wednesdays- just the fact that they are smack dab in the center of the week
It means I'm half-way done and that is quite the feat.
Today, I went with Han to get my feather extensions (no, not like you're thinking)
I absolutely love them- grey, coral and muted yellow

Not super crazy- just a little color.
Also, I'm participating in Pay it Forward found over at Shasta's Blog
Just wanted to share a little blog lovin'

I adore these two precious girls (who happen to be roommates)
What blessings they are in my life- I hope that they can bless yours too.
Check out their blogs.
I can't wait for church tonight...I love love love that I found a wonderful church here in Birmingham.

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  1. Aren't they fun! I had them too, but kept hitting them with my comb. I love that it changes your look temporarily! Have a great day sweetie! I'm following you now! Kori xoxo