Fresh Start.

this morning I woke up rejuvenated.
I rolled out of bed reluctantly.
ate a quick bite and proceeded downstairs to work out.
then rewarded myself with a cookie=)
when you sweat that much... a reward is o.k.
looking back at 2010 I see a lot of weird, hard, strange things that happened
but also I see the Lord working in my life and the lives of those around me 
with some awesome awesome things.
through the tough times this year, even better things have come out of them.
buuttt what are my resolutions for 2011?

1. study. study. study.
see look, it's me (chi omega owl) studying- long shot
but really, the nerd in me is dying to prove myself in college.
2. work out more
with joining the lacrosse team and doing step sing 
hopefully this will become real life
most. generic. resolution. ever.
but doing the elliptical once or twice a week while watching Real Housewives is not cutting it.
that'll be me. HA.

3. travel somewhere new

4. organize my closet
this is a big one
anyone that knows me knows that my closet at college (and at home) is 
even with my smart hangers or whatever they are called
and I don't even wear half of it
I'm going to buy things that can be remixed
and get rid of the crap I won't use.
excuse me.

while these seem lame
they actually are.
no really they are lame
but I don't care!
and last but not least,
to seek after the Lord in all I do
especially in this crazy thing called college.
this is the biggest one.
and most rewarding one.
May the Lord provide many blessings to you all in the new year to come!


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