Cheapy Cheapy.

Okay, so recently I have discovered that my recent shopping
ideals have been somewhat construed.
Quality over Quantity
is now ringing in my mind.
No more of those pointless $15 dollar shirts that I never where
but seem to have tons of in my closet.
It is wasted space.
Butttttt I have recently found some somewhat "designer" clothing that's cheap.
Okay, it's technically not designer at all.
Lauren Conrad and Miley Cyrus/Max Azria clothing.
Yes, Max Azria is legit.
No, Miley Cyrus never will be.
Here's what I've found so far.
Okay, this print is NOT cute. $12
But it comes in black and would be very adorable under a cute sweater.
Boyfriend Cardigan for $14?
Yes Please.
This comes in grey
and for $12 you really can't lose.
p.s. all shipping for clothing is 97 cents.
As for Lauren Conrad...
Comes in green $29.99
Comes in purple $29.99
Denim Leggings...Jeggings
Just a few ideas for those on a budget.
Especially around Christmas time.
So get out there and shop smart.
Time to work on my speech
and stop procrastinating.

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  1. I have been just the same way lately! I would much rather spend a little more on something that will last longer than a few bucks on something I'll wear maybe 4 times. We are growing up!! :)

    I had a coupon for half off everything at Banana Republic last month (including sale items) and I went crazyyyyy!! Haha