Dorm Room Snack Essentials.

Eating 'good' in college is hard.
Not only are you limited to meal plans (our caf. is bad)
You are lacking tons of cash moneys $$$ for going out.
I stock up on some essentials that I consistently have throughout the year
in my room to munch on.
I like to avoid the caf. on especially unhealthy nights...
Here are my top picks:
I love love love apples. 
Our caf. usually has some not so fresh choices so I buy a pack of these for snacking.

I am a popcorn addict and this stuff is amazing.
I feel better eating this than the stuff drenched in butter...
Craving chocolate like me?
I throw in a few m&ms....

I can get these at my local Costco and they are worth it.
Not so bad for you and amazing for a chocolate/dessert fix.

My Brita pitcher is a great money-saver.
Bottled water is so expensive and I go through it - I am a water lover. kcups. I also buy these in bulk at Costco.
Got to have my coffee every day.

A handful of these are a great energy booster + healthy snack!

I do not like milk at all and I need calcium (especially as a woman).
This is amazing- I usually get the Vanilla and it tastes great alone or with cereal!
all images via Google.

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