Blending In.

Every morning I stare at my closet for several minutes wondering what in the world I am going to wear 
(unless I have an 8 a.m. then I set it out the night before)
but usually-- there I am- staring at my closet with but a few minutes to spare before class begins
And there has been countless times that I wish I had just some nude shoes to turn to
That pair that goes fabulously with whatever I decide to throw on at the last minute
If you remember my past entries- I did order some nude wedges that have yet to show up.
So here I am, lusting for some neutral in my life and contemplating buying another pair.

Christian Louboutin peep toe shoes
689 EUR -

DV by Dolce Vita leather shoes
$60 -

Patent leather platform pumps
$30 -

Suede shoes
25 GBP -


  1. Mmm loving the precious sandals! Adore your blog!

  2. ah- love those too! thank you sweet girl.