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Today I'm linking up with Sara Elizabeth over at Pearls & Curls for the {instagram} Saturday recap
So here goes:
Pearls and Curls
My 21st Birthday Cake!
(Yeah, I know this isn't Twitter but it's my blog and I can hashtag if I want)
A little Transformation Tuesday anyone?
I became ... less awesome.
Just hanging out in the sorority house with my new polka dot jeans.
My besties made me a HOMEMADE COOKIE CAKE.
Cue the chorus of angels.
These two are the best and I swear ... I ate almost that entire thing.
I told my roommates not to look at it, touch it, eat it, smell it.
All mine.
And this ... my hilarious friend Kathleen went through various shades of color this week starting with all black on Monday.
Well ladies and gents ... she got to cream/white by Friday.
Well done Kath ... well done.

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  1. Happy belated birthday!! Your cake was too adorable. Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks love! Thanks for hosting XO