Just because .... I have to say something about it.
Thanks Lisette and Catalyn!
I am the world's worst when it comes to dealing with stress.
I just keep it bottled up and then all of a sudden I'm a crazy person eating four cupcakes and crying.
Seriously, my life.
I don't know why I get so stressed but I do.
Well, maybe I know why.
College stresses me out people -- to no end.
I'm waaaay too overcommitted and need to reconsider my priorities for my senior year.
Anyway, I'm here to talk about ways to de-stress, and maybe take some of my own advice.
{working out}
Running clears my head.
I put on my music and run.
No thinking required or allowed -- and I feel literally so much better afterward. 
But, the hardest part of the gym is actually getting there.
I have to schedule it in my planner ... whatever.
{study breaks}
I'm allll about a break or nine.
A person cannot focus forever, especially while staring at a computer screen.
I think it's important to get up, walk around and maybe browse a few of your favorite sites ... Pinterest anyone?
{long shower/bath}
Sweet geez I love love love taking baths.
I light a candle and just let my mind relax. 
I immediately feel a million times better.
{paint your nails}
I just feel better when I have my nails painted--more put together.
Anyone else?
I like to take a quick study break and grab some Essie polish.
{Starbucks run}
I feel more productive with a cup of coffee in my hand.
Does that even make sense?
Who cares ... because I am addicted to the Hazelnut Macchiato and I don't care who knows it.
{How do ya'll de-stress?}
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