I'm back, back again.
(Shout out to Slim Shady wherever you are)
Big thanks to Stephanie and Nicole for doing their guest posts.
If you don't follow them, you should. 
Because their blogs rock and they can do cool collages with cute fonts that I obviously haven't gotten the hang of yet.
So there's that...
And well, I'm back from Rosemary Beach.
Ya'll it was a dream.
I loved getting out of Destin -- even though we went there every night to visit friends.
Here's some snapshots from my vacayyy.
{Us...and the American Flag... at the Red Bar.}
{Dinner at Great Southern.}
Another yummmy meal.
{All the ladies minus one}
{Sunshine and monograms}
{Donut Truck Mornings}
{Our adorable house}
{We love Chi Omega and Seaside}
Just for a nice little laugh.
Three of us, trying to get on each others' backs...
Notice Emily's face in the background.
Too good....
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