Listen Here.

Here's my soap box.
Watch me stand on it and preach somethin' real quick.
Lately, I've had my friends come to me with relationship drama.
Here they are: crying, upset, and all I want to do is find the man who did this andddddd
Well, I just hate him in that moment. 
Anywho, these girls are torn to pieces (we've all been there)
Eating ice cream right out of the tub and not knowing how it even got into your freezer in the first place... along with the 8 other tubs of Ben and Jerrys.
Either way, heartbreak is the worst kind of break 
Disclaimer: I've never broken anything else.
So here I am, and I realize something.
You do not have to find your husband in college.
I know this is crazy talk here but the 'Ring before Spring' myth is false.
You don't have to have a ring by spring.
Or an MRS degree.
Or even date in college.
You can do whatevaaa the heck you want. 
SO ladies, PLEASE do not get discouraged when your bestie gets a huge rock and all you have is some ice cream in your freezer.
The Lord's timing is perfect. 
So don't rush it. 
Don't freak out.
And just be content in life gosh darnit.
My rant is over.
And I love each and every one of ya'll.
And to those that are engaged/married...congrats!
And those that aren't...your time will come.
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  1. I'm so glad you made a post about this...I completely agree!!

  2. preach preach preach!! I know living in the South it's basically ingrained in us that we NEED to be married and poppin' out grandbabies right after college but nowadays, it's not like that for I'd say, 90% of us! So glad you wrote this post!

  3. I agree! I had a lot of friends with rings on their fingers and I am happy for them but for right now I am just navigating life postgrad and guy or no guy, God's timing will prevail.

    1. Exactly! The Lord's timing is good.