Come here and give me some GFC lovin'

Sorry for the creepiest blog title ever.
But today I'm linking up with Sarah Elizabeth & Chloe for the GFC Blog Hop
GFC Lovin
Anywhos, life has been cruhaazzy this week, and last week and the week before.
Same old story people.
Here's an update.
{I went to my sorority formal}
{I had a few t-shirt days}
{an ode to Lilly Pulitzer}
{National Champions....Louisville, proud of ya but still a Kentucky fan through and through}
{new J.Crew striped dress that I never want to take off}
Have a lovely Wednesday.
Halfway done with this dang week.
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  1. oh hey, you're awesome and that J.Crew dress is perfection.

  2. Love your blog! I am a new follower!