My deepest apologies.
I am officially the biggest blog slacker in the whole entire world.
College in general is getting the best of me ... and it's finals week which means I'm busier than ever 
but I had to take a study break and update this blog.
I mean come on, I've left ya'll hangin' for awhile now. 
Okay, remember that one time The Great Gatsby trailers came out and got everyone's hopes up because it said the movie was due out at Christmas
Well, finally The Great Gatsby came to theaters and of course I was there opening day.
I fell in love with Fitzgerald's story in high school, had seen the original 1974 movie and could not wait to see Leonardo DiCaprio embody Gatsby. 
After reading awful reviews, I went in with an open mind anyway.
What does Rolling Stone know anyway?
Probably a lot but that's beside the point.
Well, I came out of that movie smiling because I thought it was beautiful, enchanting and heartbreaking. 
And Leo was easy on the eyes.
Like whoaaaa.
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I couldn't imagine a better Gatsby.... or Daisy. 
Both were fabulous.
And the soundtrack.... at the very least please listen to the soundtrack because it is absolutely perfect. 
I could go on and on but I find out for yourselves how timeless this story is.
And I think I'll go see it again. 
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