Throwback Thursday

I'm sorry but this link-up was too good to pass up...
Everyone loves a good throwback.
So thanks Ady, Julia and Jennifer.
Here goes...
Ya'll remember this? 
Ya'll better. These people were my.favorite.
What happened JT and Brit?!
Also....his turtleneck.
So many things are wrong about this picture.
I didn't know they made denim suits but now I do.
Young and in love.
I mean come on.
Justin ditched the turtleneck for a Bono look.
My 90s childhood centered around these people.
Well, and this.
That was my jam. 
My jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam
I had no idea what they were singing about.
It doesn't even matter.
That and Nobody's Angel.
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  1. love it! so glad you linked up!!!! I loved B*Witched! What did that mean? haha

  2. I'm still bitter about the fact that they broke up.

  3. Ahh I LOVED B*Witched, but had forgot all about them!!
    And I will always wish Britt and JT had stayed together- gotta love em! Thanks for linking up :)

  4. I love me some Britney + JT, together or separate.

    Thanks for linking up!

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