What's a weekend?

Praise the good Lord that it's Friday.
I just want to break out in dance. 
Or this... I could do this?
An ode to my beloved Parks and Rec.
But seriously.
This week could not have gone by slower ... anyone else?
Lately, I've been stressing out with school, grades, homework and all my commitments and I just have to remind myself to breathe sometimes ... 
But for some reason I always remember to eat?
Has anyone else been feeling overwhelmed lately or is it just me?
I'm planning on unplugging and having some me time.
And maybe some retail therapy time ...
Yup. That sounds good.
Enjoy your weekend because I plan to. 
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  1. I feel crazily overwhelmed too - it's not just you! I always think the end of a semester is hard work. Reality therapy is always a good cure for any ailment :P

    1. Glad I'm not the only one :) Hahaha yes, shopping always helps! XO