Alright college kiddos (and to whoever else can relate)
Everyone is hittin' the gym to slim down/bulk up/look amazing in a bikini
Well my tweet the other day pretty much sums up my feelings about that.
There you have it ladies.
Eat those Thin Mints and wear that one piece.
But in all seriousness- I love a good work out, I like running and I like being in shape
but what I don't like is starving myself, comparing myself to others or not eating Five Guys just because I don't want to 'get fat' 
I will eat my Five Guys ... and love every second of it. 
Enjoy your carrots.
I think sometimes people, girls especially, get too caught up in being skinny
I'm allll about being healthy and fit but there is a fine line between being aware and being obsessive.
I don't want to step on any toes but I feel strongly about this.
I have never been a size 0 nor will I ever be.
I'm just not made that way and that's fine.
Sometimes we just need to accept ourselves for who we are, try to eat healthy, to not deprive ourselves (eat that cookie), stay active and just enjoy life gosh darnit. 
Sorry for this mini-rant ... but I just needed to clear the air. 
And just so ya'll know, I don't sit in my room alone eating Thin Mints all the time.
Just every other day.
Ha, but I am preparing for spring break and bikini season in my own ways and that involves healthy snacks...
Ya'll... I'm obsessed with these. SO good. Raspberry Greek yogurt + Dark chocolate = Heaven.
And I'm reminding myself that I need to 
And less Diet Coke.

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  1. I should try that Chobani yogurt! Thanks for the tip!


  2. My box of Samoas is currently in my desk waiting for me to get home from class and congratulate me... with one too many cookies. Thank goodness I like to run (sometimes) :)

  3. Can't wait to guest post :)

    1. eeeeeeek I cannot wait for you to! It'll be great.

  4. Obsessed with the new Chobani flavors right now. My favorite is the coffee with dark chocolate chips.. yum! I think you definitely have the right attitude!


    1. YUM. I must find those! I've never seen them!

  5. Preach it!! and that chobani is delish! ps- I emailed you replying to your comment on gifs the other day!

    1. THANK YOU for your reply---seriously, you rock.