Crash and Burn.

Please do not hate me for being MIA lately.
My hard drive crashed and living in a small town like Jackson.
There's no Apple store right around the corner.
Luckily, I was going to my boyfriend's fraternity formal in Nashville that weekend
so we had to make an unexpected visit to the Apple store for some fixing.
Needless to say, I love having my Macbook back but I lost everything...e-v-er-ythin-gggg.
I now have an external hard drive to prevent this from happening again.
PTL for Apple Care!
I just finished my finals and I earned a 4.0 this semester.
That's right.
I worked hard and kept my sanity by eating these:
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Boyfriend knows what I like.
Anyways, I am just glad to be home, in my own bed and catching up on my shows:
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Revenge is amazing.
Go. Watch. Enjoy.

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