exciting title right?
the week before Spring Break
aka "slacker week"
I really don't have a lot to do in my classes
at all.
But my to-do list seems to be forever long
Okay, fine...
mani/pedi may or may not be on it
but it still has to be done
not to mention spray tan
yeah, I said it... spray tan.
I like spray tans- I've gotten them since I was in 6th grade and my love for them grows
First, it was the Mystic Tan.
Oh my. I was peeling. It was orange. Florida was on my chest. I looked like I had just come out of 
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
cute right?!
Next, the Versa Spa
Finally-  a good machine spray tan. It wasn't orange and I could run in and out 
and ta-da BRONZED.
Finally, I realized that spas had a spray tan package
so- stripping down to my bikini I had some rando lady spray me in a room covered with towels
It was the life.
Now here I am- ready for Destin- not wanting skin cancer... spray tan it is!
and a free one at that.
college kids like the word 'free'
first visit to this place in Bham is free...kool beanz.
I'm off to study for my spanish vocab quiz


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