Wedge into Spring.

Wedges are all the rage right now
I ordered myself a pair
that still won't arrive until June
I'm so bitter at you Urban Outfitters...
but here's some more pairs that I love:

Wedges look great with skirts, shorts, dresses, skinny jeans 
and my new favorite- flair jeans. 
I bought a pair for cheapy cheapy ($18 bucks) at Forever 21
and have gotten so many compliments on them.
"Are those Sevens?"
yes no they are not.
But thanks for saying that ha. 
Oh, and I'm still cheering on my Wildcats
by sporting some blue on my nails.
Too bad I don't have a white pen to write UK on them...
Just kidding.
I'm so ready to go to a sports bar, grab some wings and watch the game.
Am I a man?
Off to do the dreaded homework. 
Why is that necessary?


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