Elite Eight.

Kentucky Wildcats
My team.
Being the Number 4 seed and a team consisting of a dozen freshmen
It's kind of a big deal that we beat Number 1 seeded Ohio State
My dad went to Ohio State
and was still religiously cheering for the CATS.
With the last minute shot- it was a beautiful sight.
I was screaming.
Hootie Hoo.
Even the UK boys know what sorority to cheer for. ha
Also, my rooms showed me these today...
I'm sorry but what?
Those can't be real life.
I'm making those ASAP.
If you want the recipe head on over here.
Also- little challenge...
I know ya'll are reading my blog because I can see the statistics
and they make me oh so happy BUT could ya'll be followers?!
It's simple.
Just look to the right of my page and click the follow button.
And to celebrate the sweet victory, here's a little quote about my home state.

"Kentucky. Where the tea is sweet & accents are sweeter, summer starts in April, front porches are wide & words are long, macaroni & cheese is a vegetable, pecan pie is a staple, y'all is a proper pronoun, chicken is fried, & biscuits come with gravy, everything is darling & someone is always getting their heart blessed. And their basketball is taken seriously."

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