Hello there.
I woke up an hour before my alarm today
which is gross
and couldn't go back to sleep
so here I am 
check out what my phone says the weather will be in Destin
that's some high quality
but if you squint you can make it out ha
basically- I don't see any 70's on there
now, it could change but as of now I'm one sad girl
I have to pack for warm/cold and it's not going to be pretty!
Oh little FYI I had some extra time to kill before my nail appt. yesterday so I stopped in Starbucks
and tried their new drink
Cocoa Cappuccino.
If you don't like foam/espresso/hot chocolate 
then don't get it
but it was delish
and if March 10-12th- if you buy any drink you get one of their new sweet treats 
for free!
I would get one of their cute little cake pops
off to get ready for the day


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