Coffee Crash.

Lately, I've been getting into the groove of running.
I can't say I adore it, but I know it helps and I'm  hoping to do a 5k pretty soon here.
For the past few years, I've done the Race for a Cure and will be doing it again this year!
Anyways, as I write this I've already been up for about four hours.
I was driving to my internship with a few minutes to kill and about to nod off to sleep when I spotted heaven.
Okay, it was a Heine Brothers drive-thru but at 9:00 a.m. you mistake them.
Anyways, grabbed a five dollar Iced Mocha..... and off I went.
But as I sit here sipping my lunch- literally- a smoothie 
I'm thinking about a health kick I'm about to embark on.
I need to eat healthier.
Heck, after going out to eat last night and seeing all the fellow eaters I decided that most of America
needs to eat healthier. 
To begin, I'm swapping out my daily Diet Coke for water or the occasional Arnold Palmer (my weakness)
And ditching the desserts (okay, maybe a little tiny bit)
I discovered Healthy Choice Steamers yesterday and fell in love.
They are so delish.
Go get cho self some.
You will not be sorry.
As I type this, my MacBook is also dying.
Yes, dying.
Due to the fact that it will no longer charge.
'Scuse me MACBOOK- Yous are not even a year old. 
So I'm trudging over to the mall circa 3:45 for my Genius Bar Appt.
I am one sad puppy.
But on the bright side- I get to nanny today to see my wittle munkins 
and getting my hair did tomorrow.
Hint: Blonde
Sorry for the novel- I'm feeling chatty.

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