Okay, so this summer I want to be a runner.
I know that sounds really lame but I have seriously gotten out of my routine.
In high school, I literally ran all the time thanks to field hockey year-round and lacrosse.
We were told that in a normal field hockey game- one usually runs about 8 miles.
I can barely handle two.
This is not.good.
Therefore, I am transforming myself into a runner whether my body likes it or not.
And to motivate myself- I bought a shirt.
Not just a shirt, an awesome work-out shirt from Gap with cute straps in the back
seen here:
I ran some in college but I want to do this on a regular basis.
I ran last night for 20 minutes...due to the fact that it was about 15 minutes after I had eaten my huge dinner.
Bad idea.
Anyways, I'm going running with a friend tonight and I can promise everyone that it will in fact be longer than 20 minutes.
I'm starting slow but going to build up and I can't wait to see where I am at the end of this summer.

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