Hunger Games.

Alright, I read all three books in the Hunger Games trilogy.
Quickly might I add.
I'm a fast reader already but I couldn't put these babies down.
Run out and get these books, heck get the whole dang set.
You won't be sorry.

They sounded strange at first, but now I'm all up in the hype.
Plus, the movie is coming out in 2012 and what do you know- Jennifer Lawrence is in it. 
She's from Louisville holllaaaa.
And to make it more awesome- we played together as kids. Say whatttt?
Anyways, lately my days have been filled with my viral infection and that is why the updates have been surrriously lacking. I apologize.
For a little bit of fashion thrown in here- my BFF Han and I decided to get friendship bracelets
Nope, not the ones from Claire's that include Best and Friends on different sections of a broken heart
We opted for a much more trendy version via Lauren Elan
seen here:
via Lauren Elan
There are more colors as well.
I got the coral and so did Han of course ha.

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