Whoa- what a break. 
I feel like I've been gone from this blog forever but it was such a sweet vacay.
I got to see my best friend from college, Hannah
and pretty cool boyfriend and his friends who I hate love. But seriously, they're awesome.
Anyways, I thought I'd share a couple highlight pictures from the fab. but very short weekend
that was spent at two Braves games (one VIP seating high rollers), an H&M trip or lots of shopping in general, Augusta, lots of ice cream and killer food.
Waiting in line for forever
My best friend and Matt's best friends. Good Combo.
Han and Joe
Ze Boy
Beautiful Night
Joes Artsy Photo
Tin Lizzies ahmaazzing Mexican food

Just our tub of ice cream
One dollar pineapple mango smoothie, yes please
Turner Field
So sorry I went a little photo happy.
Hope ya'll had a fab. past weekend as well.

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