Happy Halloween!
Ya'll...I forgot it was Halloween until someone mentioned it this morning.
That's how crazy this week has already been.
I normally LOVE Halloween---candy, costumes, what's not to like?
Last weekend, I traveled to Nashville with one of my best friends
to visit a friend from high school and it was so good. 
Okay, I know these look like dinner rolls BUT they're actually Symphony brownies with marshmellows on top. Don't know what those are? You take regular brownie mix but but Symphony hershey bars in the middle. Oh.my.amazing.
My friend Emma and I at an early morning brunch at the Perch.
Paint Rave got the best of us.

Ya'll. Peanut Butter + Banana + Granola + Honey Crepe. 
It was such a refreshing and fun weekend!
Wish Jackson was as exciting as Nash. Ha. 
Also, just for your enjoyment. Halloween circa 2006. I was a pimp. You're welcome. 
I'm dying to make these owl cupcakes. 
Perfect for Halloween....and Chi Omega.
Has anyone ever tried?!
Enjoy your night...and fun costumes!

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