New Tunes.

I feel like it's always the same thing...
I'm busy, I tell you all I'm busy, I'm a slacker at blogging, school is hard, I'm dropping out and becoming a cat lady. 
Wait, scratch that last part...
Anyway, I've been doing homework and projects 24/7 but the girl has got to have some study jams.
That's where the new music comes in.
Has anyone else noticed every artist has come out with a new CD?!
Okay, not every artist--but you catch my drift. 
My top (fairly new) albums are as follows:
1. Mumford and Sons- Babel
I love Mumford and Sons--something about listening to them puts me in a good mood.
They're perfect for 'those days'. That's a vague statement if there ever was one. 
Favorites:: Babel, Lover's Eyes, I'll Wait
2. Jason Aldean- Night Train
I am obsessed with Jason Aldean.
Everything about him...minus the hoop earrings. Stop that Jason.
But his music + windows down + sun shining = perfect day. 
Favorites:: Take a Little Ride, This Nothin' Town
3. Taylor Swift- Red
I haven't listened to all of it obviously since it hasn't been released yet (October 22) but I am listening on YouTube and this is SO not country music. 
Don't hurt me for that statement but c'mon's not.
Favorites:: Red, Begin Again
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4. The Avett Brothers- Carpenter
I have seen them live and they never get old to me.
They're so fun to listen to and this album is no exception. 
Favorites:: Live and Die
There you have it my friends!
And just as a reminder (for me especially):
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  1. ahhh the avett brothers soothe my soul! I got the chance to see them in concert about a year and a half ago and it was aaaaaahh-mazing. it was a small venue and they were just crazy good!

    I havent gotten the chance to listen to taylors new album, but we are never getting back together is just so damn catchy!

    xo michelle

  2. Every time I see Taylor Swift listed in the number one 'country' spot on itunes I get a little defensive. I love me some Taylor Swift, but she is so far from country at this point stick to the pop section girl!