It's OK Thursday.

Hello hello!
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Its Ok Thursdays
It's ok... still be thinking about the Presidential debate love the Kitchen Aid Twitter mishap only because I am a PR major and that is a prime example of the power of social media embrace not being a morning person speak sarcasm as a second language forget what day it is procrastinate and watch Netflix instead (Downton Abbey anyone?!) pretend the weather is cold even though it's...well it's not cold not make my bed...three days in a row eat gummy bears instead of fruit (they're Halloween themed-I couldn't resist)
I hope ya'll have a wonderful Thursday!
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  1. I love me some Downton Abbey! It is always better than studying!

  2. The debate is fresh in my mind too, I had to log off of twitter last night I got too riled up! It was a great debate none the less. My roommate and I last year had an agreement where we weren't aloud to speak to each other for the first 30 minutes of every morning or until we had some coffee. Otherwise, whatever we said was to be ignored for the good of our friendship... mornings are just no good, ever!

  3. Wait, gummies don't count as fruit?

    Newest follower!

  4. I'm still thinking about the debate too!

    have a great day!