Making Decisions.

I can't begin to describe how absolutely awful I am at making decisions- 
especially making decisions and feeling really good about them.
It's a process for me that takes long amounts of time, many pro/con lists and consideration 
but most importantly- prayer.
Now, I know that I wish sometimes that the Lord would just send me a neon sign with the answer on it.
But that's most likely not going to happen (it could, God could do whatever He wanted).
The moral of the story is I can't make up my mind...ever.
But I did. 
And I'm proud of myself & trying not to second guess myself.
I made a decision that just seems right for me and it is the smart choice money-wise.
So here it is- my choice.
I'm attending Western Kentucky University this fall.
I'll keep ya'll updated.
Here goes nothin'.

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