New Finds.

This past weekend I went home for fall break.
There's a lot of great things about home- but one that I really enjoy is Sephora.
That may seem weird, but we don't have a Sephora here in Jackson
and I love playing with different make up-- switching things up a bit.
Well, I popped in there to purchase some more of my tinted moisturizer and 
there was a girl who travels the country as a rep. who happened to be doing make overs.
Heck yes.
She completely redid most my make up and I have to say I loved how natural it looked.
Sooo... of course I bought most of what she told me to.
Here are the winners:
all images via Google
This stuff is the I mix it up with my tinted moisturizer for a dewy look.

I have been using Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer but this stuff works better.
It looks less cakey.

Best. Concealer. Ever. Mix it with the primer for some serious coverage.

Great shade, intense competition with NARS Orgasm blush.
Whoa, so much better than NARS Laguna bronzer. This stuff is not fake-tan at all.
Love this gloss- it completes the look.
Makes your skin feel like silk. 
I am obsessed with my drugstore mascara but this gives it a run for its money.
Did you all know that Benefit is a Louis Vuitton company?
Me neither.
But it is- it's 'luxury at a reasonable price'
And nothing is above $40.
That's a great deal.

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