Who Am I?

And where the heck have I been?!
I know, I know.... I know.
I will give you the usual 'life has been crazy' excuse but legit--
I am preparing for Variety Show with my sorority and that 
mixed with homework and just being in college
leaves no room for leisure time. 
Luckily, I did get to go home this weekend...
Here's some recent snapshots of my past month.
My bad you all...
Meet the blonde Snow White.
Why am I dressed like a princess you ask?
No, it isn't what I normally wear to class (weird right?)
Chi Omega granted a wish for Make-A-Wish!
Our family grew!
I finally got my little and I love her!
I turned the big 2-0. 
Mom brought down my favorite cake from Whole Foods...yum.
We went to Destin for spring break- it was so, so good.
Minus our minor setbacks...such as a car accident, concussions and burns.
KENTUCKY won the National Championship.
I knew they were going all the way.
I saw the Hunger Games at midnight in Destin.
I was a little bit disappointed...I have read the books and will say that the books
are better. 
Oh- just a fun tidbit-- I was friends with Jennifer Lawrence back in the day.
Yup, we ate gum balls together- beat that. 
Off to go practice...

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