Tray DIY

Okay, I am finally posting about the tray. 
Remember when I showed ya'll this::
via Pinterest
Well I decided to make my own and it was so easy ya'll.
Disclaimer:: Mine does not look exactly like this because dumb me bought the wrong type of tray at Hob Lob.
And I didn't want to drive another 25 minutes for a $2 tray ha. 
So here is my finished product!

This picture doesn't do it justice...I chose a more metallic spray paint than a straight gold.
Annnd I know mine isn't as cute as the Pinterest one...but I feel like Pinterest just isn't realistic sometimes bahah. Or maybe I just am not a master crafter.
Anyway, if ya'll want to make your own here's what ya need::
A tray from Hobby Lobby (or a craft store) --I chose the smallest one and had a 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby so I think my tray was a little over $2
Gold Spray Paint -- I used Krylon Brushed Metallic in Satin Champagne
A monogram via GS Monograms -- I used the 3 inch monogram.
That's it!
I took the tray outside and put it on some newspaper.
I sprayed at least 6 coats on in a sweeping motion.
I did each side separately and then the top.
I let it dry overnight and then applied the monogram.
All in all, I think I spent like maybe 8 dollars. 
What a great gift for someone!
I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.
Let me know if ya'll try it!
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  1. I love this!! You did a great job : )

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