Changing Leaves.

I just returned to school from a great weekend at home.
It's always good to recharge with the family.
It's bittersweet to be back at college-- especially because of the pile of homework I'm staring at.
I think fall is officially here.
What with football season, tailgates, pumpkins and leaves changing colors....
Here's a list of my favorite things about fall
(which is a lot) I adore fall- my favorite season by far.
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September 6th was the release date for the anticipated Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks.
I've already had two.
They are so delicious- fall in cup.
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Probably the worst cookie for you- but so delicious.
And somehow the orange filling just makes them that much better.
A place to pick pumpkins, hay-ride, grab hot apple cider and go through the corn maze.
We go every year.
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Football Season!
I love Kentucky football- especially going to the games.
Sadly, Lexington is quite far away from Jackson, TN.
I'll have to just watch from afar on the TV.
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I really enjoy Halloween.
Something about dressing up and running around for candy
(Okay, maybe that ended awhile ago for me)
But I do love haunted houses.
I usually go with the same group of people since 6th grade.
That is dedication.
Although, we are all at different colleges now- that makes it difficult!
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Love a good bonfire with friends (and marshmellows) gathered around.
These are just a few of my favorites.
The list could go on and on- literally.
Oh, not to mention fall clothes, unlike any other.
Have a fabulous night.

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