Missoni for Target.

Today has finally come.
The much anticipated day of Missoni for Target.
It blew up Twitter.
It blew up Target.com.
Literally, Target.com was gone for this morning.
I was so anxious this morning to go to the Target here in Jackson, TN, but I had to attend class.
As SOON as I got out, I hopped in the car and off to Target I went.
It was about noon and the Jackson target was still loaded.
I used my self-control and only purchased 4 items but tried on half the collection.
Here are the four that won:
I needed a travel pillow- I legit traveled all over the universe this summer.
So why not a cute Missoni one?
The infamous sweater dress.
That baby sold out within five minutes on Target.com.
I needed some bobby pins that weren't so plain.
I love these.
These suede pumps were just too cute on.
I didn't think I would even want them from the picture shown, but they are perfect for fall.

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  1. I couldn't believe the site crashed! Hope you can come by and check out my new link up today honey! Have a fabulous day! Kori xoxo