Ciao Italia!

The past two weeks, I have been spending my time abroad!
I just got home from my trip to Italy where I traveled all over and had some of the best gelato in my life. 
I am sad to see it end but I have never loved America so much.
Things that I missed include:
1. Free public restrooms
2. Ice in drinks
3. American men who ignore you 
4. Bright colored clothing
5. Paved streets
6. Cars
7. The American dollar
8. Diet Coke that doesn't cost 7 euro (roughly 9 American dollars)
9. Chik-Fil-A
It's so good to be home.
Here are some snapshots of my travels abroad.
Disclaimer: As I was typing out 'snapshots' I actually typed 'snapchats'... can you say addict?
Walking the streets of Florence
At the Spanish Steps in Roma
The Trevi Fountain in Roma... Lizzie McGuire movie anyone?

Posing at the Colosseum in Roma
St. Peter's Basilica at Vatican City
A gelato break at Giolitti's in Roma
Being tourists at the Leaning Tower of Pisa
Photo break with a trattoria owner
Photo op in Milan.
The trip was truly a whirlwind...we did a lot in two weeks plus studying.
Have any of ya'll been to Italia?!
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