Show Time.

When I got home from Italy, I realized that I was beside on the TV shows that I love to watch.
The thing is... I watch so many.
Luckily, I am still on Christmas break (whaaat) so I have been able to catch up
but I have never had this many shows ever.
So I thought I would share them and see if ya'll are addicted as well.
1. Pretty Little Liars
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Okay, this is my favorite right now. 
I've watched since Season 1 and I cannot get enough.
Honestly, I try to avoid this one late at night... A freaks me outttt.
2. Downton Abbey
I am such a lover of history and this show has quickly become a hit with me.
Set during the early 1900's (WWI...) it is full of English drama and character.
Season 3 has not disappointed.
3. Parks and Recreation
I was introduced to this show the last few months by a friend in one of my classes.
I saw that most the seasons were on Netflix so I started watching and could not stop.
So now I'm caught up and I find myself laughing at my computer screen.
This show is too good.
Amy Poehler, let's be best friends.
4. Revenge
Talk about plot twists.
This show is crazy, the characters are crazy and I love love love it. 
The best part... so many of my friends watch this one too so it's a priority to watch.
5. Once Upon a Time
My roommate got me hooked on this one. 
I honestly did not think I would like it.. I meannnn it's about Snow White/story book characters in real life.
But it has turned out to be way better than expected.
6. Nashville
First of all, the name of the show is NASHVILLE which is my favorite city in 'Merica.
I want to live there after I graduate and this show makes me love it even more.
Southern people, they're just good.
Anyone else addicted to these shows?
Nope? Just me?
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