Color Me Happy.

I must say that getting my hair done is one of my most favorite activities.
There's just something about having a new color or cut that makes me feel better.
Unless it's just a baaaaad color or cut.
This girl has been known to cry in the salon before.
Okay, I was in middle school but it was traumatic nonetheless. 
Anyway, I desperately need a hair cut and color and have been going back and forth 
with the ombré color.
I think it could either look really good or awful.
With my luck, I would receive the latter.
Anyway, I've searched Pinterest and here are a few of my favorites.
I want a subtle ombré. 
Nothing too crazy.... please.
all images via pinterest
This one is probably my favorite.
It's not too crazy and somewhat close to my natural up top.

Not sure I could pull off this one...but I love the contrast.
Has anyone tried this trend out?
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