The Big 2-1

Well, I must admit something.
I'm Mckenzie and I am a birthday diva.
To be fair, it's the one day a year someone is allowed to be a princess.
Therefore, I take full advantage of this... 
and this is my last big birthday until errrr 30.
Well, I've been beyond blessed by my friends and family already. 
I cannot thank God enough for the people nearest and dearest to me and for making me feel so special.
Here are some birthday presents that I am dying over.
via pinterest
Who needs a birthday sign shaped like a wine glass?
Not this girl.
Give me some Lilly P.
My birthday called for a celebratory venti Starbs.
Vanilla Caramel Latte anyone?
I was gifted this pretty from one of my best friends.
Thanks for creeping on my Pinterest boards and being amazing.
My roommate spoiled me with my favorite cupcakes in the whole world.
Over indulging is acceptable on your birthday ... right?

And just because I'm 21... I like to reminiscence on my finer days.
I knew I was always going to be good at make up.

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