I'm Baaaccck.

I can't make any promises here but I am going to try to do this thing ha.
The holiday season is over... enter depression mode. 
I love Christmas time and I'm sad to see it end
but I hope everyone enjoyed times with their loved ones!
Look at what I got for Christmas.
If only.
But back to reality...
Here's what's been going on in my life.
::One of my best friends got MARRIED::
Some of us at the wedding.
I made waaay too many batches of Oreo Balls.
SO easy to make: 1 pkg. of Oreos, 1 pkg. of cream cheese, 1 tray of vanilla/white chocolate melting chocolate
I was gifted these for Christmas just like the rest of the blogger world.
I have seen these on Insta 24/7
My best friend gave me a gift that combines two of my favorite things:
cooking and owls.
I tried out my new cape.
I'm a fan. 
Annnd lastly, I asked for a pair of Bean Boots for my birthday 
(a little early considering it's in Feb. but this girl needs a pair)
I saw this picture on Pinterest and fell in love:
But I have a question for ya'll...
8 inch or 6 inch?
I cannot decide and I'm not sure what size these are.
Help a girl out!
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  1. The ones that you have pictured are the six inch ones. I have them as well and they are awesome! They look great with jeans/leggings with a chunky socks. I would definitely go for the 6 inch they are the perfect height.