What's Going On?

Hey ya'll.
So as many of you know I'm a public relations major and I have some pretty cool classes-- one of which being Social Media Theory and Strategy. 
Sounds like a lot but basically it's all about social media and how it is affecting our lives -- especially in the workforce. 
Okay, have I bored ya'll yet?
Anyway, we had to create a blog for the class and if you are interested at all, hop on over HERE to check it out.
Tonight is my sorority's semi-formal and I'm pumped.
I made this for our dessert table!
I thought it turned out pretty good (check out that ampersand) 
Also, I went to Target yesterday (and everyday...) and look what I found.
I love La Mer watches but they can be pricey.
Turns out Target is carrying it's own line of La Mer watches called Wanderlust.
I know what I'm adding to my Christmas list. 

And just because they make me smile, I love to find hilarious cat pictures.
Cat lady at its finest. 

You're welcome.

I'm now a bronzed goddess.
Or orange.
Either one.
Aaaand to conclude the most random post ever (if you're still reading)
and in honor of election day on Tuesday.
Here ya go::

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  1. You looked so pretty from your dance!! :) Hope you all had a blast! And the cat pictures... A+. Im a fan, of course!

  2. Funny cats.xD
    Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???
    My Blog