Winner Announced and Other Cool Things.

You can tell me later how creative this blog post title is.
I already know.
First things first, I am so excited to announce The Frat Collection giveaway winner...
(p.s. thank you to all who entered be ready for another giveaway starting soon!)
Congrats Ali!
Ya'll, this girl is precious and so is her blog.
So pop on over there and check it out.
On a different note, a lot of ya'll commented about my oatmeal + my wall.
I'm not exactly sure how it ended up on the wall.
It slipped from my hands... maybe took a little tumble off the chair and boom.
It's disgusting and it was 6:30 a.m. so I wasn't even a fully functioning human yet.
You know how it is.
ALSO, I was gifted this beaut and I cannot stop using it.
Does anyone else have the Urban Decay Naked Palette?
This girl is obsessed. 
And for your viewing pleasure::
anddd because I'm a grammar Nazi.
I mean, this makes me so mad.
Your. You're.
Come on people.
Have a fabulous weekend!
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  1. Love that you called Taylor Swift out! I am a grammar freak, too :) Sad I didn't win the giveaway but congrats to Ali!!

  2. After this I think I will have thanked you every way I know how to :) Besides directly to your face, but that is the magic of blogging, right? I can have said thank you in three forms without even putting on a real bra or worrying about the threat of my morning breath, hah!